What is it?

The Lauwers Academy is a series of captivating lectures given by specialists of the tax lawyer’s office Lauwers & Seutin.

*all sessions are in Dutch


Every first Thursday of the month, from 7 pm until 9 pm


Palepelstraat 29, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem

Knowledge sharing is of great importance to us

In 2016 we launched the Lauwers Academy. In our Sint-Martens-Latem office we take a closer look at current topics and their fiscal implications. The seats are limited because we make room for questions and discussions. Knowledge sharing is very important to us. We show that not only through our publications, but also through face-to-face expositions.

Interactive lectures by the Lauwers & Seutin specialists

Participation requires some prior knowledge. After each lecture we make time to let each participant ask questions and we talk about the topic in a more informal manner.


An overview of all Lauwers Academy seminars in the past two years.

6/10/2016New regulations concerning tax procedureLauwers & SeutinGhent
10/11/2016A smart will: control retention and tax optimizationLauwers & SeutinGhent
1/12/2016The liability of directors for taks debtsLauwers & SeutinGhent
19/1/2017The tax administration visit at homeLauwers & SeutinGhent
2/2/2017Usufruct constructions anno 2017 seen by the tax collectorLauwers & SeutinGhent
9/3/2017The new reporting obligations concerning BEPSLauwers & SeutinGhent
4/5/2017Real estate and local taxesLauwers & SeutinGhent
8/6/2017Increasing tax transparency and (the need for) tax regularisationLauwers & SeutinGhent
7/9/2017Wealth planning with life insurancesLauwers & SeutinGhent
12/10/2017Once punished, forever punished?Lauwers & SeutinGhent
9/11/2017Exceptional and gratuitous advantagesLauwers & SeutinGhent
7/12/2017Loss carry-overs in restructuringLauwers & SeutinGhent
15/02/2018The new tax measures of the summer agreementLauwers & SeutinGhent
01/03/2018The new tax measures of the summer agreementLauwers & SeutinGhent
19/04/2018The tax administration visit at homeLauwers & SeutinGhent
24/05/2018You have more rights than you think - Annual Review Tax Law Jurisprudence 2017Lauwers & SeutinGhent
21/06/2018New uses of anti-abuse tax rulesLauwers & SeutinGhent