Are you a CEO, CFO, manager or decision maker?
How can we be of assistance to you with our national and international services?

  • Being effective and pro-active, we will help you stay one step ahead of all your legal needs when it comes to tax law.
  • We can arrange regular meetings with your organization to implement a status update and examine new developments.
  • Based on our knowledge of your file we proactively identify issues that are relevant to you.

What is the effective result for you?

  • We make life easier for your organization and help you avoid surprises and procedures.
  • We facilitate your internal accumulation of knowledge in the field of taxation – you are prepared for any problems that might arise.
  • You have access to our Tax Law Yearbooks (containing unpublished rulings, analyses, etc.).

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We are a niche firm highly specialised in tax law – we deal with all branches of tax law.
We coordinate our services seamlessly with your own internal knowledge or that of your consultants. Our work is complementary, allowing us to avoid any duplication of work (e.g. familiarization with a specific file).
Our approach is personal, discreet and result-oriented.
We work from three regional offices (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia).